Whether you have a heart for frontline work with our homeless clients or want to volunteer to provide food for our day centre your role is vital.

Whatever your age, ability or experience, being a volunteer can enhance your life and bring a sense of satisfaction and meaning. Our volunteers make up a major part of our work force. Without our volunteers we simply could not run.

There are various opportunities to volunteer at Antifreeze homeless project. We need around 50 volunteers to keep the homeless work going in Brighton & Hove.

You could help in the day centre:

Welcoming clients, making tea and coffee, serving food, finding information and relevant advice for individuals, filling out a sleeping bag application, helping with the clothes storeroom, praying and sharing the gospel with our clients.

You could help on our evening outreach:

Being part of an outreach team, walking the streets of Brighton & Hove, handing out food, drink, clothing, advice and information to any rough sleepers along with prayer support and finding appropriate opportunities to share the gospel with them.

You could help by making sandwiches:

Committing to providing sandwiches one night a week for the outreach team. Making up two loaves of bread, with one meat and one cheese individually wrapped for the clients. Delivery of the sandwiches can either be during the day or at 7.30pm.

For more important information on volunteering at the Antifreeze project, please read the Antifreeze Volunteer Handbook.There are some genuine occupational requirements for anyone wishing to volunteer which can be found on page 5 of the handbook.

For those who have read this leaflet and want to apply to be a volunteer please email us for a Volunteering Application Pack.