Schools Team member, Ali Avard (above), writes on her experience of visiting Aldrington Primary School's Prayer Space:

"Shortly after I joined the Schools Team at Off The Fence in January this year, I had the privilege of helping to create a permanent prayer space at Aldrington Primary School – the first of its kind. This is now very much ‘up and running’ and being enjoyed by the students!

In the spring term there were four different prayer zones in the room: big questions, pipe cleaner people,’ who is Jesus?’ and the plasma ball. This term the zones have been changed and now include: scrabble prayers, please beads and the plasma ball again.

At each zone, the students are encouraged to think creatively about prayer and some of the main issues that we pray about eg. our big questions and our please prayers. They have the opportunity to offer their own prayers up to God. The school has its own prayer which we have incorporated into scrabble prayers.

The students particularly love the plasma ball which is a tangible and visible reminder that when we reach out to God in prayer - He’s always there ready to connect back with us! I have really enjoyed seeing the children’s faces and their reactions when they touch the plasma ball and see the lines of static energy they create. It’s great then when they work out that this is a picture of them and God reaching out to each other in prayer!

So far, Suzanne and I have run the prayer space most Wednesday lunchtimes, meeting with up to 18 students each week.

We have had very positive feedback from the students about their time in the prayer space with comments like:

“It makes me feel calm.”

“Being in here, I can connect with God.”

“The lights (in the room) are like the lights of Heaven.”

“If you are upset you can come in here and be reflective.”"