We see Christmas carols in churches, in city high streets, and even on the doorsteps of our very homes, but it is not often that we see this festive movement make its way to the homeless centre.

In December last month, the Antifreeze Team hosted their very own Christmas Carol Service at their drop-in centre for both staff and clients to come together and sing some of the country’s festive favourites. The Christmas tree was up, the mince pies were on the table, and everyone was ready to sing some carols. It was wonderful to even see a couple of the Antifreeze clients wearing their Christmas jumpers for the occasion!

Together we sung Hark the Herald, Come All Ye Faithful, and many other classic Christmas carols as a group. Throughout the service we also had several intermissions for us to listen to passages being read out from the Bible and then later a Christmas message of hope.

Antifreeze Manager, Steve Brunton, who helped lead the Christmas Carol Service, speaks about the service:

“The service was very authentic. It was not an entirely smooth service but neither is life, especially for our clients with the many challenges they face but the peace of God reigned and many seemed to go away with a sense of joy."

Carols are a key part of Christmas for many. They are a tradition for many Christians and non-Christians. Their lyrics are full of hope, peace and love. Exactly the kind of thing that our clients, and in fact the whole world, need to hear about. Carols provide a particularly warm and neutral way of people hearing about the Good News of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ."

Of course, this season can be so difficult for many of our clients for so many reasons. We hope that on hearing this message of love and hope, as we stand by them through the difficulties, that they will be encouraged as they walk into the New Year.