Image of the Big Sleepout 2016

Off The Fence experienced yet another successful evening of fundraising at one of our most highly anticipated fundraisers of the year, the Big Sleepout. Instead this year round, to our surprise, we had a very rough and unexpected guest joining us…

With 22 brave volunteers arriving on the grounds of Aldrington Primary School, everyone was mentally preparing themselves for what would prove to be a very long and very wet night ahead of them. Our CEO Paul Young and two of our Antifreeze team members John and Steve were thrilled to see such a large group of people and thanked everyone who had come to sleep out for the night. Having listened to them deliver inspiring talks on how our Antifreeze services function to save lives today we felt assured that the funds that were being raised from this event will go a long way to impact lives.

Soon however, as we all grabbed our cardboard and slipped into our sleeping bags to begin sleeping out for the night, Storm Angus was quick to hit us. With up to 80mph winds and heavy showers of rain, Angus was truly making the night a challenge for all our fundraisers who were desperately trying to stay dry and get some sleep. Soon however the storm passed, and before we knew it, so did the night. In the morning, everyone managed to dry off and warm up with some tea, coffee and a delicious hot breakfast. Thank you so much to Dave and Linda Bolton from Crossover who provided such a wonderful hot breakfast for all of the team.

Through all the hardship of the night, it’s with great pleasure to announce that we have so far managed to raise an incredible £3300 for Project Antifreeze as a result of the Big Sleepout. We would like to thank all our fundraisers and supporters who have made such a figure possible. We could not have done this without any of you!