It is always a joy to be invited back to a school to lead a Prayer / Reflection Space and this is particularly true of Patcham Junior School, who we visited in January to run their third Reflection Space.

Over two days every class, as part of their RE lessons, had a chance to visit the space which was held in the school’s ‘Green Hall’. Our team had transformed the room into eight different zones, each with an activity to help the students stop, think and then respond by doing something. This included saying thank you and sorry, thinking about their hope and dreams for the future, recognising how they were all unique and significant, asking God their big questions as well as thinking about the homeless in our City.

When asked how the Reflection Space made them feel, some of the students answered:

“I wish I could do it for ever.”

“I don’t want it to finish.”

“It made me feel calm.”

“It got stuff off my chest.”

“Let out my worries.”

“It made me think about what people had done for me.”