The Christmas season is definitely on its way. But at Gateway Women’s Centre, we wait before rushing into Christmas. 

While some are looking forward to the season, many of the women dread the mention of Christmas, with all the expectations, disappointments, loneliness and memories it can bring. 

So, we wait to see how the women are feeling, gauging their mood before gradually introducing some festive crafts and activities. The women have already had fun creating quirky snow-women from socks, felt reindeers, and decorations made of salt dough. The sewing workshop is about to start making Christmas tree bunting, with winter pastels in the art group, and researching the Snow Dog trail in the IT workshop.

Conversations can flow more easily as we create and learn together. Gateway’s group activities can help create new, happier memories of the Christmas season. There might be an encouraging word or two from one of the women to another. Or perhaps someone will recall an enjoyable moment from a Christmas past which they can hold on to. 

In December, we will be looking forward to our seasonal Sing-a-Long, with the Wellbeing Team from Mind in Brighton and Hove, then our Christmas buffet party. We hope to fill Gateway Women’s Centre with enough laughter, good memories and hope to keep the winter at bay.