Evening Outreach

At 7.00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Antifreeze, a group of up to 15 volunteers gather together to pick up their supplies and receive instructions for evening outreach.

The evening outreach, run by Project Antifreeze, send out groups of trained volunteers, equipped to provide life-saving and emergency support to rough sleepers in need, onto the streets of Brighton and Hove. A key aspect of outreach involves locating rough sleepers who may be new to Brighton and Hove and are unaware of the services available to them in the city, in order to then access them and gain the essential support they need to survive and move on from the streets.  These services include: food, clothes, showers, housing advice, job advice, the use of computers and medical support.

Antifreeze places emphasis on building relationships with rough sleepers on evening outreach. Volunteers will often stop, come down to the level of someone who is rough sleeping and treat and care for them. In this way we are meeting their emotional needs and helping them feel human again.

So far this year Antifreeze has met the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of rough sleepers on over 1054 occasions, through the provision of food, drink, clothes, Street Sheets and prayer.

“I really appreciate what you guys do.” - Anonymous rough sleeper.

“I can't tell you how comforted, grateful and impressed I am with the quick work you are all doing” –anonymous pedestrian who referred a homeless client of concern.

“It’s people like you that make me want to pray more!”  - Anonymous rough sleeper.

“Seeing our teams of volunteers going out on the streets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings is extremely encouraging for us as a homeless project. We have had amazing stories and testimonies of how the homeless have been blessed through our outreach. From the simple handing out of a hot cup of coffee to the pointing out of local services where food, drink, clothes and emergency support can be provided, it is amazing to see the impact the outreaches are having, keeping the homeless alive on the streets and supporting them to receive more help to move on into secure accommodation.” - David Holt, Antifreeze Deputy Manager.

Outreach continue to grow as, unfortunately, the number of rough sleepers across the UK and Brighton and Hove continues to rise. If you would like to volunteer with us, we would love to hear from you. Please call 01273 774140 or email antifreeze@offthefence.org.uk for more info on our evening outreaches and how you can join.

Jo Henderson