Fun, Faith and Friendship on the Dalesdown Retreat

Our Dalesdown Trip

By Lydia, Year 7, Cardinal Newman School

Dalesdown was the best experience I’ve had on a residential as I was able to speak honestly about my faith  in front of my friends.

I also got to ask questions I wouldn’t normally get a   chance to ask. When we had a talk and we asked   questions, we got celebration chocolates, which I loved   because it meant we   could be really open with each other and we got chocolate!

Being in dorms with new people was great, although we could have done with more sleep (this might have been in part due to the fact that I take midnight feasts seriously- please note: MIDNIGHT- and when I tried to wake everyone up, no one was happy).

During the day, we did prayer space, which was fun, and then we had the formal dinner which was a king size helping of Lasagne.

Other highlights were playing dodgeball (a classic) and seeing Clay the school dog.

Here is some feedback from everyone else:

What was the best activity?

Air hockey, glow sticks

What was the best thing about the residential?

I’ve started to meet new people and not be shy about myself.

What did you learn?

I’ve learnt God loves everyone no matter what

Dalesdown in three words?

Fun, amazing, fabulous!

Jo Henderson