Learning to live well on a budget

Gateway Women’s Centre were very pleased to welcome Tina from CAP (Christians against Poverty) recently to deliver a 6 week Life Skills course to a group of women who use Gateway’s services. Each of the women attending was given her own work book with activities, information and things to plan and think about at home.

CAP Life Skills is a short, interactive and fun course, which teaches how to manage our money better by introducing practical skills and tips.  The aim is to find “new ways to live for a brighter future.”

Tina was friendly, gave great advice, and encouraged the women to share their personal ideas and experiences. She also provided helpful interactive activities to illustrate a point - like an assertiveness drama piece, a paper hat making activity, and – our favourite – a ‘can you tell the difference?’ tasting of different brands of crisps, chocolates and biscuits!

We learnt about budgeting skills and shared some money saving tips, including how to be supermarket savvy and how to make the most of what’s in our cupboards.  We also looked at our needs versus our wants, and the things that put pressure on us to spend. One of the sessions looked at our health, including ways to have a healthy diet on a budget. 

Finally, we talked about managing relationships by reflecting on communication skills, assertiveness, and forgiveness.

The women who attended learnt such a lot, and they told us they really benefitted from the course.   Here’s some of their feedback:

“The CAP Life Skills course really got me thinking. It was really, really good. I went home and thought about what we talked about and rearranged all the food in my cupboards!”

“The CAP course really is amazing. All the courses they do at Gateway are very good.”

“I hope they run the CAP Life Skills course again so that more women can go on it. I would do it again!”

We’re hoping to run the CAP Life Skills course here regularly.  Thank you, Tina and CAP, and see you soon!

Jo HendersonCAP, debt advice