Gateway trip to Tilgate: “It was flipping great!”

On Thursday 4th July 2019, 20 women and 8 staff and volunteers from Gateway Women’s Centre enjoyed our annual Gateway Summer Outing, this year to Tilgate Park and Nature Centre. We had beautiful weather for the day trip, and all met together at Gateway before travelling by coach to Tilgate. Upon arrival, we explored the gardens, animal enclosures, café and shop, before splitting into two groups for a ‘Meet the Animals’ session. During this, we all had the chance to learn about, stroke and hold a variety of animals, ranging from a hissing cockroach, to a Chinese water dragon, to a white, fluffy barn owl! We then met for lunch by the café and enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine eating Wendy’s homemade brownies, and the women were each treated to an ice cream. After lunch, we continued to explore the amazing grounds, including one group taking a stroll by the lake, and others enjoying the animals some more. Overall, it was a wonderful day out! Here’s what some of the women had to say about the trip:

“Thank you very much for a wonderful day out. We really appreciate your help. It got me out and I don’t usually go out.”

 “I had a lovely time – the animals and the weather and the coffees were really nice. Thank you so much!”

“I loved the trees and the floral garden and the walks. And the friendship of everybody.”

 “Thank you so, so much for looking after me. Every one of the staff were excellent, caring for everyone in the heat.”

“For some people it’s the only day out that they get just for themselves without worrying about the family. They can just indulge themselves. It’s a chance to relax and be yourself.”

A huge thank you to Homity Trust for funding this trip for Gateway. It truly was an amazing day!

Jo Henderson