Pay it forward scheme enables outing to Brighton Dome

What an evening! On Thursday 16th May, approximately 20 women from Gateway were able to go on an outing together to see Backbone – Gravity and Other Myths at Brighton Dome, as part of Brighton Fringe Festival.

Thanks to the ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme – a scheme which enables those purchasing tickets to kindly pay in advance for someone else’s ticket – we were fully funded, meaning that the women could enjoy a free night out. This scheme made such a difference to women facing financial hardship, and was a really special treat for all.

Gravity and Other Myths is an internationally renowned circus company, and we watched their acrobatic performance in awe for the entire night. The women described the show as ‘mesmerizing’, ‘fantastic,’ ‘not acrobatics in the normal sense,’ and ‘fluid, graceful, surprising and exciting.’ Going as a group enabled women who find it difficult to go out in the evenings or go into town to be pushed out of their comfort zones in a safe way with people they know and trust.

Here’s what the women have to say about the evening:

“I thought it was just AMAZING! It was a wonderful evening out.”

“The whole stage was alive. I really enjoyed it! It must have been so rehearsed and choreographed yet looked natural!”

“I felt like I was watching a group of people who had known each other for years… The whole performance was so cohesive and cyclical… I just wanted to get up on stage and join in. Totally amazing!”

“Unbelievable strength and imagination.”

“I had a lovely time with all my friends. The show was fantastic.”

Jo Henderson