Easter Appeal

Easter is a time of year when we are reminded, after a long winter, that light comes after darkness. The Easter story shows us that a new beginning is always possible, even in the very worst of circumstances. At Off The Fence, we live for those moments when we see the darkness begin to recede in someone’s life after a very long time.



Like our other services, Gateway Women’s Centre offers our clients opportunities for a fresh start.

The women who use our services come with issues such as bereavement, domestic and sexual abuse, isolation and loneliness, financial difficulties, relationship breakdown, and physical and mental health problems. But Gateway is place where your past doesn’t define you. You don’t have to be a label, you can just be yourself

 “I’m always struck by just how peaceful the space feels and how kind and caring the staff are there.  It’s also helpful that there are a range of things on offer such as the befriender service which is particularly helpful as most of the people we work with tend to struggle immensely with loneliness, isolation and anxiety around going out.  This can be a great first step in introducing people to the other options within Gateway such as the arts/crafts group or the drop-in service.”

Community Practice Nurse

Without your ongoing donations and prayers, this work would not have been possible. Thank you. As we look to the future of Off The Fence, help us help our service users to make that first step towards a fresh start and a hopeful future.

How you can help

£10 can buy a week’s worth of milk, biscuits, and fruit for women to enjoy tea, coffee and snacks at all of our craft and coffee drop ins and workshops

£30 can pay for a Christmas or summer party with a buffet, craft and festivities for around 35 women to enjoy

£50 can buy a taster dance session for 10 women to participate in

£80 can pay for an interpreter for 1 hour, to enable us to provide emotional or practical support to a woman from an ethnic minority background

£100 can buy all the resources needed to start up a brand new 6 week creative workshop for 8-10 women

£200 can service our sewing machines, used by the women during the sewing workshop and other craft workshops

£500 can pay for a summer day out with refreshments and a minibus for 15-25 women