Hygiene For All FAQs

1. Where does the water supply come from?

Off The Fence has spoken with Brighton & Hove Council, Southern Water and Sussex Fire Brigade in regards to this project and has obtained permission to use fire hydrants in the local area. Brighton & Hove Council and Southern Water have given permission for the Off The Fence vans to have use of drains through the sanitary sewer system for water and waste.

2. Where will the power come from?

The Hygiene Van has a 11kw generator kindly donated by a local Lyons Club but the commando sockets can also be used at public toilets as well, and permission has been obtained from City Clean.  Parking has also been agreed with the Brighton & Hove Police. Electrolux, the company who generously donated the two washing machines and tumble dryers, will provide training in regards to operating the machines before the vans are launched.

3. Where will the laundry van be operating in Brighton and Hove?

The vans will be available from 1pm- 4pm and will operate at different locations around the city. Locations may vary depending on the season, but this will be clearly communicated to homeless clients so it is only the clients who are accessing the services, along with other agencies in the city.

4. Will the project perpetuate the cycle of homelessness?

This project exists to ensure that the homeless community always have access to their most basic need – hygiene. Off The Fence are active members of the Brighton & Hove Council’s Homeless Strategy, recognising the importance of working in partnership with other relevant agencies to meet the needs of homeless individuals rather than working in isolation. This project will work alongside the Antifreeze strategy and other agencies working together to see individuals housed, employed and supported in issues of health and welfare to get them back on their feet. The ultimate aim is to get people off the streets. Laundry is limited and each client is given a mesh bag to place their dirty clothes inside and spare client clothing will be carried in the van.

5. How is this service funded?

Off The Fence is a charity which relies on donations and receives no government funding. The money required for setting up and operating the hygiene vans has initially been provided. For example, the two vans have kindly been purchased and donated by an anonymous donor and through National Lottery Funding. With the Laundry Van, Electrolux have provided the washing machines and dryers.  Initial staff costs and operating costs have been provided by private donations.