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“Off The Fence provide sanctuary and security for our students who need it most with their break time clubs. The students deeply appreciate a place to go where they are known and loved.”

- John Wright, Chaplain, Cardinal Newman School

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Prayer and Reflection Spaces

We create a vibrant and challenging environment to explore the meaning and significance of prayer, working with schools to make sure they get the most out of SMSC and RE curriculum.

“We have been so fortunate to have the Prayer Space at St Pancras. The team guided the children and staff through the different areas, enabling a wonderful enriching experience for all”

- Teacher, St Pancras Primary School, 2018

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Clubs and Safe Spaces

We currently offer a variety of safe and welcoming environments for all students, especially the more vulnerable in the wider school setting.

We also offer Christian clubs, which give the students a safe place to explore their faith in a culturally relevant way and ask the big questions about life. These clubs offer great opportunities to talk about values such as forgiveness and compassion through the stories and teachings of the Bible.

“Thank you for everything you do in school for our students, it is very much appreciated”

- Assistant Year Team Leader, Blatchington Mill School



We currently offer one to one mentoring and group mentoring to help students find positive ways of dealing with the challenges they face in a non-judgmental safe environment.

We also offer transition mentoring to support students through the move from primary to secondary school.

“If it has been a horrible week, I can let go of all my feelings knowing that they won’t laugh at me, will listen to me and it will be a fun time. It’s great to start the week off happy.”

-Year 8 Student


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